The EducEducational Opportunity Program Logoational Opportunity Program (EOP) was established through state legislation in 1969 to identify and admit students who have potential to succeed at California State University campuses, but who have not achieved higher education goals because of economic and/or educational background.

To foster the academic development and retention of students, EOP provides intensive services in the first year for entering freshman, an orientation for entering transfer students, and support services for all continuing students through graduation. The program is comprised of many different components (see Benefits and Services), plus eligible  EOP students receive an EOP financial grant.

The EOP Freshman Year Experience is designed to provide students with the skills and support networks necessary to ensure success. A team comprised of faculty, advisors, students, and other campus representatives are involved in all facets of the program.

EOP assists transfer students in adjusting to increased academic expectations, balancing their life commitments with their academic workload, and adjusting to a new area if they are relocating to attend the university.

Support services for continuing students include one on one professional advising and peer mentoring, academic workshops and cultural activities, and referral to resources throughout the campus.

In our students own words: “EOP helps students go beyond their limits to reach unexpected levels of success. One family, one goal, EOP.”

EOP Student Video: